Why Committees fail ?

December 12, 2017 104 No Comments

In this era of accreditation seeking hospitals , All hospitals are obliged to have committees for quality improvements and even for routine work .

Most of these committees are just waste of time giving no value for the organization . Time usually passes with humdrum , tedious , middle of the road decision making which usually result in a big ZERO achievement except in paper filling !!

Why these committees fails ?

For any teamwork to succeed , you must have the following characteristics :

1- Life span of the team is short ( never more than 6 months , In Texas, The team who needs 4 months to finish his goal considered  a failed team

2- Members are volunteers , having experience in the concerned topic , and a big individual growth needs

3-the team pulled together quickly without the formal selection process when the problem is still fresh

4- the team has been delegated authorities for decision making , if you need more than two approvals for taking a decision , you are a loser

5- Communication and documentation is informal without the need for paper trails which document everything

6- Follow up is swift , the team is tied to upper management without executive layers . The top management should embed the outcome of the teams in the business model

So , Why managers are not applying these rules ?

because these rules dismantle their rigid decision making system ( X theory managers ) , and strip the layers of their HOLY chain of command in the X organizations

If you think you will succeed without even one of these six rules , You must be kidding !!

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