Orientation or Socialization ?

January 1, 2018 83 No Comments

In most of hospitals , when the new employee joins , He goes through an official orientation program designed by the hospital including the most important issues in  Quality , Safety , HR , Infection control ,….etc 
Is this enough ? 
Actually what happens is that the employee doesn’t understand a word !! and always pass the program just because it is a mandatory step to join the work !! Paper shufflers here again. 

Why we don’t change all this play to a real socialization program in which the employee goes under the mentor-ship of one expert staff to teach him face to face all the important subjects plus more important the cornerstones of the hospital culture 
This will make all concepts more stable , easily understood , a lot of room to ask questions and get answered instantly from the real experience not from the ideal paper answers 

Give this a chance 

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