How to promote your career ?

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1- Build an image of success

Employees can build an image of success by projecting their competence & organizational commitment , drawing attention to their success, being enthusiastic about the firm , valuing the firm status symbols & volunteering for important assignments even if there is short term personal costs . These are all good organizational citizen behaviors , they can reach this by :

  • 1- Create obligation in others : by doing them favors , this must be with excellent performance . Without this , it will appear as currying favor with the boss , use this approach carefully & sparingly
  • 2-Identify with powerful people in the firm : find a mentor , a boss , work for him , you benefit from his greater experience & insights about the firm practices
  • 3- Give excellent performance : meet or exceed the firm expectations , identify areas where you can stand out by working hard outside the firm appraisal system . Like , volunteering for difficult assignments & defending the firm reputation , seek to be known as the employee who tackles difficult problems
  • 4- Move to a position that controls access to information : become impossible to replace
  • 5-Move to a position that controls supplies & budgets :
  • 6- Develop a network : nurture & maintain a network of respected colleagues : make reliable work relationship & friendship . Don’t forget those who helped you over the years .this is a sign of loyalty & respect
  • 7- Be a job re organizer : identify unmet objectives , create new value adding tasks & complete them ( job enlargement )
  • 8- If your firm values risk taking , tackle problems in your department by becoming an intrapreneur, give ideas for improvement in team meetings . Stay current in the technical literature & apply what you learn to the difficult problems the firm faces
  • 9- Become a recognized knowledge worker : make it your long term goal , become a boundary spanner between departments , learn to speak the language used in other departments , becoming a multilingual makes you a versatile problem solver , acquire specialized expertise in marketing , strategic alliances , virtual organizations, crisis management & international operations.
  • 10- Manipulate rules or stick close to the policies : seek the job of writing , revising & controlling policies , procedures & standards
  • 11- Control personnel decisions : seek a position that allow you to recommend hiring , firing , transfer , promotions ,training requirements .
  • 12- Control financial resources : save firm’s money
  • 13- Manage upwards : convince your boss to invest in the ideas you advance , it is a skill complemented by gratitude & graciousness , tread carefully to avoid misunderstanding as a glossing over errors behavior . Tell your boss about your accomplishments & if necessary , give him the ownership for them. Show him that your suggestions align with his .maintain your relationship with him , ask for advise , demand a right amount of face time.
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