Delight your patients

December 31, 2017 78 No Comments
All hospitals treat patients . To have a unique competitive advantage in the medical perspective is very difficult and easily to be copied by rivals.
If you want your hospital to succeed , build your competitive advantage on a patients’service basis.
I suggest to change the ordinary way of accepting the patient in queues and train the front line cashiers to go for the patient and don’t wait him to come…. by applying the acronym APPLE method which is :
1- Approach the patient with a personalized warm welcome
2- probe politely to understand the patient’ needs
3- present a solution to the patient to take home today
4- listen for and resolve any issues or concerns
5- End with a fond farewell and a hope for being well
As all hospitals use the ordinary method , so implementation of a unique patient service will make your hospital increase its operational effectiveness and competitive advantage and to be known as a patients’ delighting hospital
A golden rule : Never focus on making money , Focus on delighting your customers
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